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Whilst considering retirement, it took one single telephone call to WATERLOO 271 (The Smith family telephone number) to change the course of history forever.
Captain E.John Smith RD, RNR, was living here, when Bruce Ismay (President of White Star Line) offered him the most prestigious post of any maritime Captain.
To command the ultimate vessel Titanic.

Captain Edward John Smith's Home Tour

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Take a Fantastic tour of Captain Edward John Smith's Family Home

If you're booking one of our Titanic tours then you have a great opportunity to experience something very can add to your itinery a guided tour of Captain Smith's family home.
The doors to this period Georgian home are opened to experience for yourself the home life of the worlds highest paid Captain.

Rose the owner of the house who has lived there over 20 years will show you around his favourite rooms and point out all the original features the Captain knew so well. It wasn't until 1993 film researchers for the epic 1997 film 'Titanic' paid a visit that the connection between Captain Smith and the house was established, since then the home has been the subject of television documentaries, news and radio programs including the BBC's 'You may have seen it?'.The owner and guide Rose will show the substantial collection of artifacts and literature she has found or gathered over the years. Author of the book 'The Captain, Titanic and Me' Rose is considered an authority on the Captain's family life and during the tour you'll have a greater insight into the man behind the legend.

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The tour of Captain Smith's home lasts approximately 50 minutes and souvenirs are available to remember your visit.

The price of this additional tour is £25.00 per Adult or £15 per Child (under 10)

Amazing offer! The Captains house tour is now included for FREE as part of your Titanic Tour of Liverpool, don't hang now!

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